Regulation and Forms for Ph.D.

Regulations for Ph.D. Programme

Schematic of the PhD timeline

Various requirements to be fulfilled during the Ph.D. tenure at IACS

1. Form for Ph.D. Course registration
2a. Review format RM-I IACS
2b. Marksheet for RM-I
3a. Review format RM-II IACS
3b. Marksheet for RM-II
4. Form for Formation of RAC
5. Form for Comprehensive exam committee V3
6. Report of the Comprehensive Examination
7. Application for registration in the Ph.D. Programme
8. Report of R A C
9. Application-for-open-Thesis-Colloquium
10. Open-Thesis-Colloquium-Report
11. Thesis-submission-guidelines
12. Thesis Submission Application
13. Panel of Examinors
14. Declaration by the candidate
15. Certificate from the supervisor
16a. Thesis cover template (word format) - 1
16b. Thesis cover template (word format) - 2
17.Application for Bridge Fellow/Research Associate (RA-I)