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Centre for Computer Research, Education and Services (CCRES)

CCRES is an independent institutional service centre, under CSS responsible for providing computing and networking facilities to IACS users and groups. Computing has become an essential tool for almost all scientific research. At IACS, computers are extensively used both in scientific computation as well as in preparation and publication of scientific papers. Scientific data and papers on research carried out by the IACS members are archived on computers, often in a form accessible over the network. Moreover, most scientists make a heavy use of Internet and email facilities for scientific literature access and collaboration. IACS also uses computers for processing of administrative and accounting data is done by computers connected through LAN.

Head of the Department

Satrajit Adhikari
Senior Professor, IACS & Adjunct Professor, IISER Kolkata, HOD CCRES.


IACS local area network consists of about 1000 workstations and servers interconnected by a backbone of fiber optic cable that interconnects switches in various blocks. These block switches are connected by 100 mbps UTP cable to department switches from where UTP connections are provided to individual machines.

The workstations are mainly used for scientific computing, web and email access and for scientific publication. Servers provide access to scientific data and papers. Institute's Administrative Data Processing cell has machines that keep institutes accounting and administrative data. IACS library runs a server providing online access to library catalogs and electronically subscribed journals. IACS LAN provides the interconnectivity between these machines.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

Computer Centre provides both RA-VPN and SSL VPN for it's users so that they can use IACS network resources from home and outside campus.

IACS Institutional Repository

The Digital Repository/Institutional Repository of IACS ( has been created and designed by the computer centre. Theses and dissertations, preprint, postprint, reports, journal articles can be submitted by the authorized users of IACS. The contents of the repository are being monitored and maintained by the computer centre.

Internet Connectivity

IACS LAN is connected to Internet with dedicated 1GBPS link provided by National Knowledge Network (NKN). Another 35 Mbps fiber link and 64 Kbps radio packet link from Tata Communications Limited (Erstwhile VSNL) are being used for mail messaging and web services purpose. Both bandwidth from NKN and Tata Communuications are integrated for load balancing and seamless use of internet.

Central Computing Facility

The central computing facility consists of some general purpose computing machines as well as some machines dedicated to providing high performance computing (HPC) facilities. With the advent of cheap and powerful workstations, many groups and users in IACS have their own facilities for computing.

Cray Super Computer

IACS has its own Super Computational facility. Cray Super Computer is installed in the Centenary Building of IACS. Cray serves the purpose of high end computing to the different users of IACS.


A centralized mailhost receives and stores/forwards emails. Webmail interfaces allowing access to email via web browsers are available.

A dedicated web server ( provides a platform for hosting institute, departmental and personal web pages. The integrity and security of IACS network has become a concern and a firewall restricts access from outside to machines within IACS LAN.

Other dedicated servers for ftp service, dns service, proxy service, Institutional repository and gateway service are also available in CCRES.

Local Resources


Ms. Rimi Chakraborty, Technical Asst. - B
Mr. Abhra Paul, Technical Asst. - B
Mr. Ashis Dhar, Assistant

Apart from the staff members of the CCRES the CCRES Users' Committee oversees the functioning of the centre.