Department of Central Scientific Services

List of CSS Instruments


Head of the Department        

Prof. Pradyut GhoshDean R & D

Prof. Somobrata Acharya, Associate Dean, Administrative & Finance

Prof. Rupa Mukhopadhyay, Associate Dean, R & D



Dr. Mintu Mondal
Dr. Anindita Das
Dr. Nabanita Deb


CSS Office

Sri. Abhijit Basak, Office-in-Charge

Sri. Supriyo Chakraborty and Mr. Subrata Balti (Technical In-Charge)      

Sri. Partha Rana

Sri. Ananda Karmakar

Sri. Tapas Kr. Das



Phone: 033-2473 4971 (Ext. 1170)
Requisition form for all CSS Instrument
Requisition form for CRYO-TEM CSS Facility
For details about measurements and related information, please contact the respective in- charge(s)/instrument operator.