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1 Kadareswar Memorial Lecture Speaker : Dr. Shekhar C. Mande, Director General, CSIR
Date & Time : 23rd April, 2019 at 3.00PM
Venue : MLS Hall
2019-04-23 Download
2 Mahendra Lal Sircar Memorial Endowment Lecture Title: Resonant X-ray scattering from quantum materials
Speaker: Prof. Bernhard Keimer
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Stuttgart, Germany
Date & Time: Friday 4-th March, 15:30 HRS (11 AM in Germany)
Venue: M N Saha Meeting Room, IACS
2022-03-04 Download
3 Dr Nitya Anand Endowment Lecture (2021) of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Hosted by IACS Lecture Title: Sustainable Chemistry in Drug Discovery: A Few Concepts and Applications
Date and Time: June 10, 2022 (Today); 3-00 pm
Venue: C. V. Raman Hall, IACS, Kolkata
2022-06-10 Download
4 M. N. Saha Memorial Lecture Speaker: Dr. Andrew Peterson, Chief Scientific Officer, MedGenome, Foster City, USA Title: The benefits and challenges of diversity in genetics Date: January 24, 2020 Time: 4 PM Venue: C V Raman Hall 2020-01-24 Download
5 Coochbehar Professorship Lecture Speaker: Professor Christopher(KIT) C. Cummins, Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, MIT Title: Phosphorus-Element Bond-Forming Reactions Date: January 17, 2020 Time: 17:15 Hrs Venue: CV Raman Hall 2020-01-17 Download
6 Father Lafont Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor Roderich Moessner, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany Topic : Thermodynamics and order beyond equilibrium --from eigentstate thermalisation to time crystals Date & Time : 17th December, 2019 at 3.00PM Venue : C.V. Raman Hall 2019-12-17 Download
7 P. C. Dutta Memorial Lecture-2019 Speaker: Professor Vinod Singh, IIT Kanpur Title of talk: Chiral Brønsted Acids for Asymmetric Organocatalysis Venue: C. V. Raman Hall, IACS Date: August 22, 2019 Time: 11.30 am, CV Raman Hall 2019-08-22 Download
8 Joy Kissen Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor T. Padmanabhan, Distinguished Professor, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune Title : Understanding Our Universe Date & Time : 26th April, 2019 at 3.00 PM Venue : CV Raman Hall 2019-04-26 Download
9 Raman Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor Bernard Lucas Feringa, Nobel Laureate, University of Groningen, The Netherlands Title : The Art of Building Small Date & Time : 20th March, 2019 at 11.00 AM Venue : MLS Hall 2019-03-20 Download
10 U. R. Ghatak Endowment Lecture Speaker : Prof. Arun K Ghosh, Ian P. Rothwell Distinguished Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Purdue University Topic : “From Natural Product Synthesis to Molecular Design Strategies to Combat HIV/AIDS Drug-resistance” Date : Wednesday, 10th January, 2018 Time : 03:00 PM Venue : CV Raman Hall, IACS 2018-01-10 Download
11 C K Majumdar Lecture Series Speaker: Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar, Department of Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Titles of the talks: Lecture 1 : Extreme Light, Extreme States Time: Monday, 29th January, 2018, 16.00 Hrs. Lecture 2 : Tabletop Plasma Gets Wind of Solar Turbulence! Time: Tuesday, 30th January, 2018, 15.00 Hrs. Venue : C. V. Raman Hall, IACS, Kolkata 2018-01-29 Download
12 Sadhan Basu Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor K. Takatsuka, Research Leader, Fukui Institute of Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto University (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo) Topic : “Molecular Science beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Paradigm” Date : Monday, 05th February, 2018 Time : 03:00 PM Venue : CV Raman Hall, IACS 2018-02-05 Download
13 Bimala Churn Law Memorial Lecture Speaker :Professor Yasuhiro Ohshima, Tokyo University of Technology Title : Recording the movie of molecular rotations in real time Date : Monday, 19th February, 2018 Time : 03:30 PM Venue : Theoretical Physics Seminar Room No : 406 (3rd Floor of centenary building) 2018-02-19 Download
14 T.K. Raidastidar Memorial Lecture Speaker: Professor Hema Ramachandran, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Topic :“ Noise, the new signal ” Date :Thursday, 15th March, 2017 Time :03:30 PM Venue :C.V. Raman hall, IACS 2018-03-15 Download
15 Tagore Memorial Lecture Speaker :Mr. Craig L Hall, US Consul General, Kolkata Date : Thursday, 10th May, 2018 Time : 3.00PM Venue : MLS Hall, IACS 2018-05-10 Download
16 Shri Rajendralal Mitra Professorship Lecture Speaker :Prof. Peter Young, University of California, Santa Cruz,USA Title :Critical Phenomena and Griffiths- McCoy Singularities in Quantum Spin Glasses Date :Monday, 9th July, 2018 Time : 4.00 PM Venue :C.V.Raman Hall, IACS 2018-07-09 Download
17 A.K. Raychaudhuri Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor Ashoke Sen, FRS Title : An introduction to String Theory Date & Time : 25th February, 2019 at 4.00PM Venue : MLS Hall 2019-02-25 Download
18 Hare Professorship Lecture Speaker : Professor Craig A Townsend, Johns Hopkins University, USA Title : New Insights into Enediyne Antitumor Antibiotic Biosynthesis : Dynemicin Date & Time : 29th January, 2019 at 4.00PM Venue : C.V. Raman Hall 2019-01-28 Download
19 Father Lafont Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor Rudolf A. Roemer, Department of Physics, Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC), University of Warwick, UK Title : Modelling rigidity, flexibility and dynamics of proteins Date & Time : 19th December, 2018 at 12.00 Noon Venue : C.V. Raman Hall 2018-12-19 Download
20 Mahendra Lal Sircar Professorship Lecture Speaker : Professor Partha P. Majumder, Distinguished Professor and Founder, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Emeritus Professor, Indian Statistical Institute Title : Our Footprints on the Sands of Time Date & Time : 14th December, 2018 at 3.00PM Venue : C.V. Raman Hall 2018-12-14 Download
21 Hare Professorship Lecture Speaker : Professor Anderson S. L. Gomes, University Federal of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil Topic : Nanomaterials: from Random Lasers to Nanobiophotonics Date & Time : 17th December, 2018 at 4.00PM Venue : C.V. Raman Hall 2018-12-17 Download
22 AP Mitra Memorial Lecture Speaker : Professor Marie-Therese Paternostre Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France Title : Peptide assemblies: some of the rules of this complex puzzle Time & Venue : 26th November, 2018 at 4.00PM at C.V. Raman Hall 2018-11-26 Download