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GLOBAL TENDER NOTICE No. : IACS/IBIQuS/MS/2010-11/02           DT. 12.10.2010


Sub: Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a "Multiple Vacuum Deposition System"

Last date of receipt of sealed quotations: 15.11.2010 

Sealed quotations are invited from leading manufacturers or their accredited associates for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a " Multiple Vacuum Deposition System" with the following specifications. All quotations should be submitted in sealed envelopes in two parts (Part-I - Techno-commercial, Part-II- Price bid). 

Multiple Vacuum Deposition System 

Specifications for the Chamber: 

(i) Demountable multiple deposition techniques in a single chamber for Thermal Evaporation,

Magnetron Sputtering, Electron Beam deposition, Low Temperature Organic Film deposition &

Plasma Etching Capability,(ii) Front Loading Chamber, (iii) About 400-500 mm diameter chamber,

(iv) Water Cooling of the chamber walls, (v) Controlled Vent, (vi) Turbo Molecular Dry pumping station with Scroll Pump, (vii) Pressure Measurement Gauges: From 1000 to at least 10-10 mbar, (viii) Minimum Base Pressure: ≤ 10-8 mbar, (ix) Multiple Viewports, (x) Fast Entry Load Lock System. 

Specifications for the Substrate Holder: 

(i) Individual Substrate Holder Dimension: 1 inch diameter, (ii) Mask holder/mounts with each substrate holder, (iii) Multiple Substrate Holder Mounts: Minimum of 10 substrates, (iv) Substrate Heating with controller: from up to 500oC, (v) Substrate Cooling Required: -150o C, (vi) Automatic Substrate Rotation Stages with Substrate Shutters.

Specifications for the Sources :

(i) Source Shutters, (ii) Substrate Pre Cleaning: Glow discharge/RF Bias/Sputter Cleaning/Ion Gun Cleaning, (iii) Thermal Evaporation Sources: 3, (iv) Magnetron Sputtering Sources with strong magnets: 4 (Two DC guns & Two RF Guns). Sputtering Target of 25 mm diameter, (v) Selective & Simultaneous Sputtering Operation, (vi) Optional : Sputtering Targets of Metals (Cu, Al, Au, Ag), Magnetic Materials (Fe, Co, Ni), Oxides (Al2O3, SiO2), Nitrides (AlN, Si3N4), Si, Ge, (vii) Sputtering power DC 2 kW, RF about 1kW, (viii) E-Beam Sources: Two, Power 4 kW, (ix) E-Beam Pockets: 4 Pockets, Automatic Operations. 


(i) Thickness Measurement Monitor & Controller & 100 replacement crystals, (ii) Automated Thin Film Thickness Measurement Accessories (iii) 5 Gas Inlets with MFC for O2, N2, Ar (iv) Fully Automatic Process Control including substrate rotation, multilayer thin film deposition, shutter control & thickness measurements, (v) Main Power Supply : 240V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase 

Optional : Ion Beam Assisted Deposition 

Terms & Conditions: 2 years Warranty for Parts & Labour. 

Other details to be supplied with the quotation: 

1) Number of installations of such equipment in India

2) List of customers in India

3) Technical support in India 

Opening of Tender: Technical bid will be opened at 3:30 p.m. in the Council Room of IACS on 18.11.2010




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