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Some Recent Publications

236 M. Debnath, S. Ghosh, D. Panda, I. Bessy, H. Schawalbe, K. Bhattacharyya, J. Dash,
“Small Molecule Regulated Dynamic Structural changes of Human G-quadruplexes,”
Chemical Sc. (2016, in press).
235 R Chowdhury, S Nandi, R Halder, B Jana,  K Bhattacharyya
"Structural Relaxation of Acridine Orange Dimer in Bulk Water and inside Single Live Lung Cell,”
J Chem Phys 
144 (2016) 065101.
234 S. Ghosh, K Bhattacharyya,
“Single-molecule Spectroscopy: Exploring Heterogeneity in Chemical and Biological Systems,”
The Chemical Record (2016, in press).
233 S Chattoraj, Md. A Amin, B Jana, S. Mohapatra, S Ghosh, K Bhattacharyya,
"Selective Killing of Breast Cancer Cells by Doxorubicin Loaded Fluorescent Gold Nano-Cluster: Confocal Microscopy and FRET," 

ChemPhysChem  17 (2016) 253–259.
232 S Chattoraj, Md. A Amin, S. Mohapatra, S Ghosh, K Bhattacharyya, 
"Cancer Cell Imaging by In Situ Generated Gold Nano-clusters,"
ChemPhysChem 17 (2016, VIP) 61–68.
231 S Ghosh, S Parui, B Jana,  K Bhattacharyya, 
"Ionic Liquid induced Dehydration and Domain Closure in Lysozyme: FCS and MD Simulation,"
J Chem Phys  143 (2015) 125103.
230 D Bhunia, R Chowdhury, S Ghosh, K Bhattacharyya,
"Fluorescence Fluctuation of Antigen-Antibody Complex: Circular Dichroism, FCS and smFRET of Enhanced GFP and its Antibody,"
PCCP 17 (2015) 25250 – 25259.
229 R Chowdhury, M A Amin, K Bhattacharyya,
“Intermittent Fluorescence Oscillations in Lipid Droplets in a Live Normal and Lung Cancer Cell: Time Resolved Confocal Microscopy,”
J. Phys. Chem B 119 (2015) 10868-10875.
228 S. Chattoraj R. Chowdhury, S. Dey, S.S. Jana, K. Bhattacharyya,
"Role of Red-Ox Cycle in Structural Oscillations and Solvation Dynamics in the Mitochondria of a Live Cell,"
J. Phys. Chem. B 119 (2015) 8842-8851.
227 S Ghosh, C Ghosh, S Nandi, K Bhattacharyya
“Unfolding and Refolding of a Protein by Cholesterol and Cyclodextrin: A Single Molecule Study,”
PCCP 17 (2015) 8017 - 8027 
226 P Mondal, S Chattoraj, R Chowdhury, D Bhunia, S Ghosh, K Bhattacharyya,
Direct Observation of Growth and Shrinkage of Microtubules by Single Molecule Forster Resonance Energy Transfer,”
PCCP Communication 17 (2015) 6687-6690.
Kankan Bhattacharyya, FNA, FASc, FNASc
Sr. Professor

Ph. D.(Supervisor: M. Chowdhury, IACS) 1984
Post-doc (Notre Dame University, USA with P. K. Das) 1984-86
Post-doc (Columbia University, USA, with K. B. Eisenthal) 1986-87
Faculty: Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science  
Senior lecturer 1987-92
Reader 1992-98
Professor 1998-2005
Senior Professor 2005-

Current Interest

Solvation dynamics Femtosecond Up-conversion
Energy Transfer (FRET)
Picosecond single photon counting
Proton/Electron Transfer Confocal microscope and fluorescence life time imaging
Anisotropy decay Surface Second harmonic generation
Proteins, micelles, lipid, cyclodextrin, polymer  

Awards/Membership of Learned bodies

Editorial Adv. Board, Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan   (2014-19)
Editorial Adv. Board, Chemistry Letters  
Professor Sadhan Basu Memorial Lecture for 2011 by INSA 2011
INSA Golden Jubilee Commemoration Medal (Chemical Sciences) 2010
Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences 2008
Senior Editor, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry 2008-
Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Prize in Chemistry 2007
Member, Editorial Adv Board, The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Member, Editorial Board, Chemistry-An Asian Journal  
J. C. Bose Fellowship, Govt. of India 2007-
CRSI Silver Medal 2006
Member, India-Japan Science Council 2005-
CSIR New Millennium Science Leadership Medal 2000
S. S. Bhatnagar Prize 1997
Fellow, Indian National Science Academy 2002
Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences 1997
Fellow, National Academy of Sciences 2008
B. C. Dev Memorial Prize, Indian Science Congress 1997

Femtosecond Laboratory


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