Physical Sciences Colloquium 2020


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March 13, 2020
Professor Amitava Raychaudhuri

University of Calcutta

Venue & Time: C V Raman Hall at 4:00 PM

Neutrinos: Mass models and their interconnections with other open issues

Neutrino oscillation results have given us a picture of their masses and three mixing angles. Unlike in the quark sector, some mixing angles in the lepton sector are large. However, this is not the complete story. There are several small quantities too. For example, θ13 is small compared to θ12 and θ23, the deviation of θ23 from p/4 is small, and the solar mass splitting is two orders smaller than the atmospheric one. Neutrino mass models with discrete flavour symmetries are often invoked to recover these features. Such models are testable in the upcoming experiemnts. Moreover, the new particles which these models incorporate have a bearing on other open issues in (astro)particle physics. In this talk we intend to give a broad overview of our present understanding of this area.