Regulation and Forms for Ph.D.

Regulations for Ph.D. Programme

Various requirements to be fulfilled during the Ph.D. tenure at IACS

1. Form for Ph.D. Course registration
2a. Review format RM-I IACS
2b. Marksheet for RM-I
3a. Review format RM-II IACS
3b. Marksheet for RM-II
4. Form for Formation of RAC
5. Form for Comprehensive exam committee V3
6. Report of the Comprehensive Examination
7. Application for registration in the Ph.D. Programme
8. Report of R A C
9. Application-for-open-Thesis-Colloquium
10. Open-Thesis-Colloquium-Report
11. Confidential list of the Panel of Examiners
12. Thesis Submission Application
13. Declaration by the Student
14. Declaration by the Supervisor
15a. Thesis cover template (word format) - 1
15b. Thesis cover template (word format) - 2