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Programme schedule for the webinar titled: Innovations and Advances in Chemical Sciences, (InAdvanCS-2021-2) to be held in IACS on March 02, 2021

Programme schedule for the webinar titled: Innovations and Advances in Chemical Sciences, (InAdvanCS-2021) to be held in IACS on 19th January, 2021
IACS has nurtured an opulent legacy of research in chemistry spanning several decades. Just after India attained independence Professor Santi Ranjan Palit joined IACS and initiated experimental research in the domain of Physical Chemistry. Research activity in chemistry blossomed and expanded to other branches with untiring participation from luminaries like Professor Priyadaranjan Ray, Professor Sadhan Basu, Professor P. Mukherjee, Professor Phani C. Dutta, Professor Usha Ranjan Ghatak and Professor Mihir Chowdhury. Over the years the burgeoning research activity led to the birth of departments of Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Biological Chemistry. Also Polymer Structural Unit and more recently Raman Centre of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Sciences were founded.
After IACS was conferred the deemed to be university status in July, 2018 research activity in chemistry has largely been brought under the banner of School of Chemical Sciences. The current group of Faculty members is engaged in cutting edge research in experimental, theoretical and computational domains.
Research at the School of Chemical Sciences

The scope of research activity in the School of Chemical Sciences spans domains ranging from fundamental understanding to development of strategies for real life applications. Of late the faculty members are engaged in unraveling underlying mechanisms of enzymatic reactions, disease progression, protein function, excited state processes, supramolecular assembly formation. Experimental efforts also are devoted towards synthesis of novel therapeutic molecules, molecular memory devices, biomimetic complexes, molecular cages for guest entrapment, molecular sensors, stimuli responsive polymers, functional metallo organic frameworks and catalysts for reactions relevant to renewable energy economy and development of advanced spectroscopic techniques. Scientists are also engaged in the development of theoretical techniques and protocols for understanding excited states dynamics, quantum chemical methods for studying bond dissociation and excited states of molecules and non-equilibrium chemical phenomena. Moreover, computational and experimental research pursuits encompass investigations on reaction mechanisms, catalyst discovery, asymmetric catalysis, structure property relationships in novel materials, excited state dynamics, protein-protein interactions and enzymatic processes.


Faculty Members

Abhishek Dey
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1366)
Amit Majumdar
+91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1165)
Ankan Paul
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1779)
Avisek Das
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2136)
Ayan Datta
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2105)
Biman Jana
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2107)
Brindaban Chandra Ranu
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1404)
Deb Shankar Ray
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1455)
Debashree Ghosh
91 33 247 34971 (Ext:1103)
Harapriya Rath
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1162)
Joyram Guin
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1426)
Jyotirmayee Dash
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1405)
Nabanita Deb
+91 33 2473 4971 (Ext 2248)
Parthasarathi Dastidar
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1403)
Pradyut Ghosh
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1351)
Prashant Chandra Singh
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1252)
Rajib Kumar Goswami
91 33 2473 4971 / 3372 (Ext:1401)
Raju Mondal
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1374)
Sankar Prasad Bhattacharyya
91 33 2473 4971
Satrajit Adhikari
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2119)
Somdatta Ghosh Dey
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1376)
Subrata Ghosh
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1402)
Tapan Kanti Paine
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1357)
Tapas Chakraborty
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1470)
Tarun Kumar Mandal
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1562)