Functioning of natural world is not compartmentalized by different disciplines of sciences. Of late, research in biological sciences is increasingly becoming interdisciplinary. Specifically, biological research has emerged, in recent times, as a highly dynamic field of investigation resulting from the combined interests of physicists, chemists and biologists. The physical and chemical activity which manifest itself as life, are remarkably complex ranging from near equilibrium to very far from equilibrium and from sub-micron level to near macroscopic level of collective behavior. Efforts to understand each of these aspects have resulted into newer interpretations of various novel mechanisms that may lead to designing and controlling living world in a better way. Thus we felt that there is an urgent need to provide a platform to facilitate interaction between the motivated and fast growing Indian community interested in areas related to cell biology and leading scientists across the world . Moreover, India probably has the largest pool of talented graduate students who should also be exposed to a meeting of this nature.

The idea is to bring together people for presentations and discussions, from - biological physics, mathematical biology, systems biology, bioengineering and chemical biology. We believe that such endeavors contribute to reduction of intellectual barriers and encourage interdisciplinary research.