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Department of Biological Chemistry
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Phone: +91 33 2473 4971/3372 (Ext 1519)
Fax: +91 33 2473 2805
E-mail: bcssj [ AT ] iacs.res.in, Siddhartha.jana [AT] gmail.com

B.Sc. Chem (H) 1992-1995, RKMRC, Narendrapur, University of Calcutta
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) 1995-1997, IIT-Bombay
Ph.D. (Biochemistry) 1997-2002, University of Delhi South Campus  (Supervisor: Prof. Debi P. Sarkar, UDSC)
Post doctoral training (Biochemistry/Cell Biology) 2002-2007, NHLBI, NIH, USA with Dr. Robert S. Adelstein (NIH, USA)

Associate Professor @ IACS, 2013 -


Lab news:
Shekhar has been selected for Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award for attending the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)-2015

Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Jana, PhD
Associate Professor


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