Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Name : Jyotirmayee Dash

Deptartment : School of Chemical Sciences
Designation : Senior Professor
Contact : +91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1405)
Email :



Organic synthesis provides access to molecules of interest in the field of medicine, materials, and catalysis. We pursue interdisciplinary research combining organic chemistry with biology to develop new paradigms in medicinal chemistry.

Organic Synthesis

We develop new methodologies for the synthesis of diverse molecules that may be utilized as lead molecules for understanding structure and function of therapeutic targets in cellular system. Specific areas of interest include transition-metal catalyzed and meta-free processes, organocatalysis and development of new reactions in aqueous media. We also focus on chemical approaches that can find applications in drug delivery and biomolecular devices.

Selected publications:

1)  T. Mandal, G. Chakraborti, S. Maiti, J. Dash, Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 19, 8044-8048.

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Targeting Non-canonical Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids play important roles in living systems such as storage of genetic information, replication, transcription, and translation. DNA can adopt a variety of secondary structures including G-quadruplex, i-motif, triplex, hairpin etc. Secondary structures formed from RNA (miRNA, HIV-TAR RNA, etc.) are equally important in regulating the expression of proteins, which mediate important biological functions. Therefore, these secondary structures have largely evolved as  important drug targets in nucleic acid targeted therapeutics. We synthesize a variety of small molecules: natural products and their analogues, peptidomimetics and nucleosides for the selective recognition of secondary nucleic acid structures over double helical DNA. We employ rational design, target-assisted combinatorial chemistry, biophysical chemistry and molecular biology to develop and evaluate new chemical scaffolds that can regulate the structure and function of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

Recent publications:

1)   M. Debnath, K. Fatma, J. Dash, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 57, 2942-2957.

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Supramolecular Chemistry of Nucleic Acids

The nucleic acids DNA and RNA are the most interesting bio-polymers, in which the five naturally occurring nucleobases adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine and uracil are involved in H-bonding interactions. The double-stranded DNA/RNA structures are mainly based on the complementary Watson–Crick H-bonding pairings of guanine with cytosine, and adenine with thymine (or uracil), while the G-rich DNA/RNA strands fold to form G-quadruplex structures that contain Hoogsteen H-bonding assembly of four guanines. Our current research is focused on supramolecular chemistry of nucleic acids and their components to generate bio-inspired nano-structures, hydrogels and transmembrane ion channels.

Selected publications:

1) M. Debnath, S. Chakraborty, Y. P. Kumar, R. Chaudhuri, B. Jana,  J. DashNature communications, 2020, (accepted).

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Academic Profile

Professor IACS, since 2018.

Associate Professor, IACS, 2014-2018

Assistant Professor, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, 2012-2014

Assistant Professor,  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata2009-2012

Research Experience

Visiting Fellow, May-July 2010, University of Bristol, UK

(with Professor Stephen Mann, FRS).

Marie-Curie  Fellow, 2007-2009, University of Cambridge, UK

(Research advisor: Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian, FRS).

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2007, ESPCI-Paris, France

(Research advisor: Professor Janine Cossy).

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, 2004-2006, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

(Research advisor: Professor Dr. Hans-Ulrich Reissig).


Ph.D. (Synthetic Organic Chemistry), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 2003

(Research advisor: Prof.  F. A. Khan).

M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, India.


Tathagato Bhattacharyya

Integrated M.Sc.(Biotechnology) St. Xavier's College
Joined lab in 2020
Debasmita Biswas

Integrated MSc. (Biotechnology) St. Xaviers College
Joined lab in 2020
Ritapa Chaudhuri

B.Sc. (Biochemistry), University of Calcutta (2013)
M.Sc. (Biochemistry), University of Calcutta (2015)
Joined lab in 2016
Shilpi Karmakar

B. Sc. (Chemistry) Bakura Sammilani College, Burdwan University
M. Sc. (Chemistry) IIT-Kharagpur, 2016
Joined lab in 2016
Raj Paul

B.Sc (Physiology): North Bengal University (NBU)
M.Sc (Physiology): West Bengal University(WBSU)
Joined lab in 2017
Khusnood Fatma

B.Sc, Physiology,University of Calcutta
M.Sc.Physiology, University of Calcutta
Joined lab in 2017
Ananta Gorai

B.Sc,Kalyani University, 2015
Int. Ph.D. (Chemical science) IACS, Kolkata, 2017
Joined lab in 2017
Soumya Basak

Joined lab in 2019
Nabin Parui

B. Sc. (Chemistry), University of Burdwan
Joined lab in 2020
M. Sc. (Chemistry), University of Burdwan
Binayak Lala

B.Sc (Chemistry) Jadavpur University, 2017
M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) Jadavpur University, 2019
Joined lab in 2020

B.Sc (Chemistry), St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College, 2017.
MS (Chemical Sciences), IISc Bangalore, 2020.
Joined lab in 2020





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Open Positions

Motivated candidates having MSc degree in Chemistry/Biology with INSPIRE/CSIR fellowships can directly contact Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash (ocjd@iacs.res.infor PhD positions.


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Current project students     

      1. Thumpati Prasanth (NIPER Kolkata)

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      4. Deepak Yadav (MS.PhD-IACS)-M.S. Project

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      6. Sathis Bhukya  (NIPER Kolkata)-MS Pharma Project


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       4. Meeta Bhati (Central University of Rajasthan)-Summer Project

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       6.  Subham Surana (Delhi University)--IAS Summer Fellow

       7.  Sharmistha De (University of Calcutta)-Summer Project

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      23. Kaustav Saha (WBUT)-Summer Project


Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc), Bangalore, 2021

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Dr. Rabindra Nath Das

Received Ph.D. Degree in September, 2014.
Currently working as Wenner-Gren Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden.
Selected for 'IdEx Bordeaux Post-Doctoral Fellowship', European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (IECB), University of Bordeaux, France (2016-2017).
Dr. Sushovan Paladhi

Received Ph.D. Degree in September, 2014.
*Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Anugrah Narayan Singh College, Patna (Patliputra University, Patna). ( )
*Awarded Brain Korea 21 plus Postdoctoral Fellowship 2016-17 from, SKKU, Korea. 2016
*Selected for “SERB-Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015-16” by SERB, India (Declined), 2016
*Awarded 1st Prize of Lilly Outstanding Thesis Award from Eli Lilly and Company, USA. 2014
*Awarded for the best poster presentation on “Recent Trends in Research and Awarded 2nd prize for poster presentation in the “ICGC-2011” at CURAJ 2011
Dr. Ganesh Chandra Midya

Received Ph.D. Degree in April, 2015.
Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Ananda Chandra College, Jalpaiguri.
Dr. Kalyan Dhara

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2015.
Currently working as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Université de Bordeaux, France. Received 'IdEx Bordeaux fellowship' for postdoctoral research at Université de Bordeaux, France. (2018-2020) Received 'Kreitman fellowship' for postdoctoral research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. (2016-2018)
Dr. Sreenivasarao Pagoti

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2016.
Currently working as an Assistant Plant Protection Officer, Food Corporation
Dr. Ajay Chauhan

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2016.
Dr. Y. Pavan Kumar

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2016.
Currently working as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University of York, Heslington, UK.
Dr. Deepanjan Panda

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2018.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Minnesota, USA.
Currently working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
Dr. Manish Debnath

Received Ph.D. Degree in 2018.
Debasish Dutta

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Chemistry) Vidyasagar University
M. Sc. (Chemistry) IIT Guwahati
Thesis Submitted in 2019
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2020.
Subhadip Maiti

Academic Background
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur
Int. Ph.D. (Chemica science) (IACS)
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2020
Puja Saha

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Microbiology) University of Calcutta
M. Sc. (Microbiology) University of Calcutta
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2020
Newton International Fellowship 2020 for postdoctoral research at the University of Manchester, UK.
Tirtha Mandal

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Chemistry) Jadavpur University(2012)
M. Sc. (Chemistry) Jadavpur University(2014)
Joined the group in 2014
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2020
Currently working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Regensburg, Germany.
Gargi Chakraborti

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Chemistry) Jadavpur University (2012)
M. Sc.(Chemistry) Jadavpur University (2014)
Joined the group in 2015
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2020
Currently working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Regensburg, Germany.
Rakesh Paul

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Microbiology) WBSU
M. Sc. (Microbiology) WBSU
Joined the group in 2015
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2021
Tanima Bhattacharya

Academic Background
B. Sc. (Chemistry) University of Burdwan
M. Sc. (Chemistry) NIT Durgapur
Joined the group in 2015
Received Ph.D. Degree in 2021

Former Short-term Visitors and Research Associates:

1. Dr. Joydeb Das, Research Associate (Feb 2012-Jan 2016), Currently working as an Assistant Professor in Bagati Sree Gopal Banerjee College, Hoogly, West Bengal

2. Dr. Sudipta Bhowmick, Research Associate (Feb 2012-June 2013), Currently working as a DST-INSPIRE Faculty at University of Calcutta

3. Dr. Samir Mandal, Research Associate (July2013-Feb 2015), Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Govt. General Degree   College for Girls, Alipore, Kol-27

4. Dr. Ajoy Kapat, Research Associate (May 2014-Oct 2014), Currently working as an Assistant Professor in Shib Nadar University, Dadri, Uttar Pradesh

5. Dr. Anup Ghosh, Senior Research Associate (September 2015-June 2016),  Currently working as an DST-Inspire Faculty in S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata

6. Dr. Laxminarayana Burgula, Research Associate , Ph.D. IIT Guwahati (2015)