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Name : Arindam Banerjee

Deptartment : School of Biological Sciences
Designation : School Chair and Senior Professor
Contact : +91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1504)
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  We study self-assembling synthetic peptide based soft materials (gels, vesicles, soluble aggregates) for various applications including the  delivery of drugs and other biologically important molecules, waste water management, semiconducting photo-switching materials, potential antibacterial agents, self-healing materials  and other purposes. We also study new organic-inorganic functional nanohybrids, carbon based nanomaterials, fluorescence resonance energy transfer, white-light emitting materials and fluorescent noble metal nanoclusters for sensing, bioimaging, and other applications.


Academic Profile


Asmita singh sharma

Associate Professor
M. Sc. (2013) University of Calcutta
B. Sc. (2011) Lady Brabourne College, University of Calcutta
Research Interests - SOx reduction by iron porphyrin complexes.
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