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The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS) is a society registered under Act XXI of 1860 and the corresponding State Act viz. the West Bengal State Registration Act 1961, with its headquarters at 2A & 2B, Raja S. C. Mallick Road, Calcutta - 700 032. It has a Governing Council with a number of members elected or nominated and the Registrar as Non-Member Secretary. The Council has the functions, duties and power as envisaged in the Memorandum and Bye Laws and as per provisions of the relevant Act.

President of the Association is the titular head of the Society as well as the research institute. The executive head is the Director of the IACS. He is assisted by the Departmental Heads of the Scientific Departments and Service Departments including Administration. The Administration is headed by the Registrar of the Association who assists the Director in his function. Registrar, who is overall in-charge of administrative function including Finance & Accounts, is also assisted by the Deputy Registrar, Finance & Accounts Officer, Assistant Registrar etc. He provides support services to all the Academic staff. All members of the staff including the Registrar and Head of the Departments are under the administrative control of the Director.  

A Governing Council, headed by a Chairman nominated by the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, plays the following important role.

i)   The Council is the executive authority of the Association and would constitute the apex body responsible for smooth running of the organization. The Council will ensure that the transactions in the Association are in accordance to the regulations and byelaws contained herein.  

ii)  The Council submits to the Annual General Meeting the report on the progress of the Association 

iii) It is the apex policy making and decision making authority of the Association. It has the complete power to run the affairs of the institute component of the Association. 

iv) It also governs the functioning of the societal part of the Association. The Management Committee would however, have a significant autonomy in running the societal functions subject to reporting to the Council.  

v)  The Council is empowered to create posts in any category including supernumerary positions and or new departments/divisions/units subject to concurrence from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. 

vi) The Council makes all appointments included in the Group-A category and would fix their remunerations as per existing Government of India rules.  It also accepts resignations of all the employees in the above category. Resignations of ordinary and ex-officio members of the Council is also be accepted by it.

vii) The Council is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the regulations and bye-laws of the Association updated and at-par with the existing trends. In this regard, it is empowered to regularly modify and amend the bye-laws for running the Association. This amendment may be undertaken either by itself or by any committee constituted by it. In case the amendment is done as per the latter procedure, the modifications have to be ratified by the Council in order to be deemed valid.  

viii) The Council is also empowered to introduce new bye-laws for better running of the Association within the framework of the regulations.  

ix) The Council is proactively engaged in entering into arrangement with the government ministries and agencies, both in the centre and the state, and also from industries and international sources for securing and accepting grants-in-aid to the Association on mutually agreed terms and conditions.  

x)  It is also empowered to undertake any other activity that might be deemed suitable for the progress of the Association. 

Institute at a Glance


Budget in 2014-2015: (Rs. In cores)     


DST, Government of India:


Extra-mural projects: 20.93
Government of West Bengal:    2.62   
Performance Index for the Year 2014-15
No. of Publications:     476
No. of Ph.D degrees: 44
No. of Extra-mural Projects: (as on 31.03.2015) 136

Present Strength (as on 31.03.2015)

No. of Faculty: 69  
No. of Administrative & technical Staff: 213
No. of Project Fellows : 268
No. of Institute Fellows :



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