An International Conference on
Structure and Dynamics:
Spectroscopy and Scattering (SDSS-2023)
5th - 8th October, 2023
IACS, Kolkata, India
  • The International Conference invites theoreticians and experimentalists worldwide, who are pioneers in various aspects of Quantum Dynamics, namely Spectroscopy, Reaction Dynamics and Molecule Surface-Scattering. In addition, researchers working on Electronic Structure Theory and Statistical Mechanics are also invited to provide a multifaceted platform.
  • Theoretical and computational advances as well as important applications leading to new insights will be the main topics in the conference.
  • This conference will have eminent contributors from different Institutes of India and Abroad, who will be speaking on their latest research.
  • This will be a perfect forum for young investigators and students from India to interact with the leaders.